The Company

XTR Media is an LLC representing artist and multimedia developer, Sharon Ford, serving the connected world, online. The studio is located in the DC area of Maryland, but clients range from Los Angeles, CA, eastward to New England, Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA. XTRMedia exists to capture your visions and needs, and translate them into imagery for video, web and print. The artist's production and design experience has two decades of commercial arts experience in both the progressing technologies and the evolution of imaging styles. Over the last 20 years, her mission has been unwavering: Create visual media that is both meaningful and memorable.

The Content

I’ve kept this site simple and to-the-point, so you will easily find the information you seek. I do offer more services than I have listed here - such as social media broadcast and PrintMobileFusion (PrintMobileFusion is my service that supplies a QR code for a client's print promotion and creates an online/mobile site or coupon that a user can access from a computer or mobile device). Browse this site and look at the selection of work we’ve included. This collection is based on my assessment of the design techniques and unique features, not necessarily the business/site being displayed inside the example.